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What is Food Intolerance?

Food intolerance is a condition where your digestive system works poorly. This is because the body usually mistakes a food component, protein, as harmful and creates antibodies to fight it. It feels sensitive to certain foods and reacts in a way of intolerance. You will have an upset stomach. Treatment is based on avoiding or limiting the intake of problem foods and treating symptoms when you eat the problem food.

Symptoms of food intolerance?

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What are the common types of food intolerance?

It can have a negative impact on your health and should be taken seriously. Many people suffer from intolerances or sensitivities to foods and ingredients such as dairy, caffeine, and gluten. If you suspect you may have an intolerance to a certain food or food additive, talk to your doctor or dietitian about testing and treatment options.



People with lactose intolerance do not make enough of the lactase enzyme to break down lactose

food intolerance


People with histamine intolerance do not make enough diamine oxidase enzymes to break down food chemicals.

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If you have non-celiac gluten sensitivity, your body has more difficulty digesting gluten.


When should you call the doctor?

Food intolerance can cause unpleasant symptoms that make it difficult to enjoy food. If you think you have a food intolerance, you might consider starting a food diary and bringing your results to your healthcare provider’s visit. You should call our healthcare provider if you experience:

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    When you have a food intolerance, symptoms usually start within a few hours of eating the food. Still, symptoms can be delayed for up to 48 hours and last for hours or even days

    Food intolerances affect your digestive system. People who suffer from intolerances or sensitivities cannot break down certain foods. They will experience gas, diarrhea, and other problems

    Food sensitivities can be reversed and are not forever. You may be able to regain “oral tolerance” too sensitive foods once you eliminate them and give your gut a chance to heal and your immune system a chance to calm down.

    Food sensitivities and food allergies do not directly cause your body to pack extra pounds. However, symptoms can sometimes have a ripple effect that indirectly leads to weight gain.

    The only way to prevent a food allergy reaction is to completely avoid the food and any product that may contain it as an ingredient. Food intolerance does not trigger the immune system and is not life-threatening