Doctor on-call Services

There are a few things in life that are absolutely essential – food, water, and shelter. But what about when an emergency arises and you need medical attention? That’s where the doctor-on-call service comes in. This service offers round-the-clock access to a licensed physician who can help you with your medical needs. Whether you’re dealing with a minor injury or something more serious, the doctor-on-call service can provide you with the care that you need.

More and more people are choosing to stay at home rather than go to the doctor’s office. This is especially true for those with young children, as going out can be a real hassle. Al Hosna Home health care services offer 24×7 all day doctor on call services all over in Dubai, including the public holidays  

Our Health Experts

Dr. Divya Naik

General Practitioner

MBBS, DA( Anesthesia)
(Languages Spoken - English, Hindi)

Dr. Ahmed Nour

General Practitioner

MBBS Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery USML (United State Medical Licensing)
(Languages Spoken - English, Arabic)

Dr. Md.Rahat Fazal Shuhad

General Practitioner

(Languages Spoken - English, Hindi, Bengali)

Dr.Sahar Desai

Department of Dental

(Languages Spoken - English, Hindi)

Dr. Shabana Nazar

Physician - General Practitioner

MBBS Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery
(Languages Spoken - English, Malayalam, Hindi)





Why doctor on call services

Offers more individualized care

To begin with, having your doctor visit you at home greatly enhances patient satisfaction, making it much more tailored to your specific requirements. This allows doctors to spend more time with you, analyse your symptoms, do a thorough examination, and, if necessary, prescribe therapy.

Prevents Elderly Patients from Needing Hospitalization or Urgent Care

DHA (Dubai Health Authority) Approved licensed doctors may give high-quality in-home medical care to their elderly patients or those with chronic diseases and impairments.

Saves time and money for patients

Get affordable health care treatments or checkups from the comfort of your home. Doctor on call services saves money by eliminating the need for travel, making it more cost-effective

DHA Approved Licensed Doctors and Nurses

We provide trained healthcare specialists to assist patients with daily living skills and personal care so that they can stay in their own homes. In our home care services, we employ the following qualified experts and paraprofessionals. DHA - Registered Nurse ,Doctors and Personal Support Specialist

More safe and Convenient

We all need to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe from the deadly coronavirus. During the time of visit our health professionals follow tight procedures in accordance with the healthcare authority’s (DHA) protocols.

Maintains clinical continuity and patient monitoring to reduce life-threatening complications and guarantee an efficient treatment result.

Al Hosna at-home doctor consultation services in Dubai

A doctor’s visit by Alhosna health care services, Dubai is fast and reliable. We offer quality service across Dubai and we are one of the leading at-home doctor on call service provider

These are some of the objectives:
  • To excel in medical at-home services which are supported by qualified medical professionals.
  • To develop, execute, and assess modern technology for the benefit of the patients and to be the best in healthcare organisations in Dubai.
  • To ensure that we provide high-quality doctor-on-call at-home service for every patient


To avail of the Al Hosna Doctor-on-call at-home services, you just have to contact our healthcare officials and our qualified medical staff will reach your doorstep within an hour.

Doctors, nurses, and physiotherapists are on call 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. On weekends and holidays, all of our services are available.


Yes, we provide daily, weekly, and monthly nursing services at your home. We make certain that they are all DHA registered nurses.

Yes, we provide daily, weekly, and monthly nursing services at your home. We make certain that they are all DHA registered nurses.

All our Physicians, Nurses, and doctors are licensed by the Dubai Health Authority. 

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