Need Super Express PCR Test in Dubai for your Upcoming Travel?

Test PCR at Home & get results in 4 hours


Get PCR test results in less than 4 hours


Looking for a PCR test in Dubai? Al Hosna health care offers at-home or office PCR test services that are DHA approved and certified for travel purposes. We have a team of experienced and certified professionals who will collect samples and deliver results within 4 hours. With our convenient online booking system, you can schedule a test at a time and place that is convenient for you.

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Our PCR Test at Home Packages

COVID-19 PCR Test service is now available at Al Hosna!
Our top goal is the health and safety of our patients. To reduce the risk of infection contamination, our doctors and nurses follow tight procedures in accordance with the healthcare authority’s (DHA) protocols. We will also work hard in order to provide best COVID-19 testing services in certified and high-quality laboratories. Instant PCR sample collection & results within hours!


Get Covid-19 PCR Results in 1:30 to 2.30 hours


Covid-19 PCR Results in 4 to 6 hours


Covid-19 PCR Results in 7 to 9 hours


Covid-19 PCR Results in 12 to 16 hours



COVID-19 PCR test Steps: 


Swab is collected at your home or hotel by our DHA approved medical team.


We send the obtained sample to a qualified lab for analysis.


Scientists will separate the genetic material in the sample from the rest of the material.


Get your PCR test results on time, through whats app or Email


Fever, dry cough, and exhaustion are the most prevalent indications and symptoms of Covid 19. Sore throat, aches and pains, diarrhoea, conjunctivitis, loss of taste or smell, headache, a rash on the skin,are some of the  common Covid 19 symptoms. Shortness of breath or breathing difficulties, chest pressure or pain, and loss of speech or movement are all dangerous signs of Covid 19.


Nasal, or throat swab can be used to test for Covid 19. Saliva samples are sometimes taken as well.

We have different packages available and the results time also depends on those packages. For super express PCR : 4-6 Hours, for Express PCR Test: 7-9 Hours , Regular test: 12-16 Hours.

Yes, Our PCR test results are DHA Approved and valid for travel purposes.

Yes at alhosna, we are providing the safe sample collection and PCR Test for both adults and kids.

We are providing the fastest PCR test results as per the premium packages you have chosen. We can share your results as per your emergency. 

Choose the Rapid PCR test for getting results in 1 hour/ 2 hours/3 hours of PCR test

Choose Super express PCR test for getting results in 4 hours/ 5 hours/ 6 hours of PCR test

Choose Express PCR test for getting results in 7 hours/ 8 hours/ 9 hours of PCR test

Normal PCR test results will be shared before 16 hours of PCR tes

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