IV Nutrient Therapy in Dubai

Reboot Your Body From The Inside Out.

IV Fluids at-home Services in Dubai

Rapid Hydrating Drip

Hydration, Wellbeing, Energy
Liquid | Vit C | B-Complex (Vits B1, B6, B12)

Hydration is inevitable for the human body to function properly. Every cell, tissue, and organ needs water to maintain good health. Express Drip contains fluid, vitamin C, and B-Complex for proper hydration. Our unique combination of energy-boosting vitamins also enhances mental clarity and overall function.

Booster Vitamin IV

Hydration, Wellbeing, Strengthens the Immune System
Fluids Vit C | B12 Zinc Selenium & 9 other ingredients

The Express Immune Booster Drip containing Selenium acts as a powerful antioxidant and immune system booster agent. It plays an important role in maintaining metabolism in your body. Immune Boost therapy from Drip Hydration combines IV fluids, vitamins, and antioxidants to help your immune system get into top gear and recover as quickly as possible.

I.V. Drip (Original)

Hydration & Wellbeing
Liquid | Vit C B Complex (B1, B6, B12)

Dehydration therapy from Drip Hydration combines a combination of IV fluids and electrolytes that can help treat these symptoms quickly and leave you refreshed. This treatment lasts 30-60 minutes. Intravenous hydration is a simple, safe, and common way to prevent dehydration. Many people suffer from chronic dehydration, especially during the summer.

Hangover / Detox IV Drip

Hangover Recovery, Nausea, Dehydration, Headache and Detox
Vit C | B Complex (B1, B6, B12) | Amino Acids | Anti-Nausea | Pain Killer

The main cause of hangover or fatigue is dehydration. There are three important steps to getting a hangover. The most important step in recovering from a hangover is to rehydrate your body. Our IV treatment rejuvenates your body, helps detoxify, replenishes lost nutrients after a night of heavy drinking, and cleanses your system.

Immune Enhancer IV Drip

Immune Support, Strengthening, and Muscle Restoration
Liquid | Vit C (high volume) | B Complex | B / 7 | 12 other ingredients

Our Immunity Booster IV Drip nourishes your body with the vitamins and minerals you need to keep your immune system healthy. It may help your immune system to function as efficiently as possible. Fatigue and tiredness are reduced. Reduce oxidative stress to achieve maximum performance.

Recovery & Fitness Drip

Muscle Building, High Metabolism, Improved Athletism, Rapid Recovery
Liquid | ILV (Iso-leucine, Leucine, Valine) | Glutamine and much more

Nutrition and hydration are both very important for athletic performance. This IV drip, full of amino acids and essential nutrients, provides the fuel your body needs to support your muscular and cardiovascular systems. Benefits include Stability Support, Muscle Building, Improved Strength, Faster Recovery.

Weightloss IV Drip

Weight Loss, Diabetes Support, Healthy Liver, PCOS
Liquid | MIC (Methionine, inositol & Choline) | Vitamin B / 7 and much more

It is true that IV weight loss treatments help you lose weight by helping you become a healthier version of yourself. Weight loss IV Drip gives your body the nutrients it needs to lose weight effectively by providing it with vitamins, water, and other nutrients. IV weight loss treatment, when combined with good exercise and diet, can help you lose weight and feel like your biggest change.

Skin & Hair renewal Drip

Detox / Skin & Hair, Rejuvenate Skin & Hair, Wellness
Liquid | IVit C.42 g | Collagen 18g | Glutathione Ig (active antioxidant) | Biotin | Zinc Selenium and 20 other beneficial nutrients

Vitamin C and glutathione are powerful natural antioxidants of their own, but when combined, their effectiveness increases. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that has been shown to help regenerate skin cells and tissues in high doses. Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that helps restore natural color and color by reducing oxidation and repairing skin cells. Biotin is an important B vitamin for the growth of hair, skin, and nails.

Healthy Gut Drip

Improved Digestion, Wellness, Immune System
Glutamine | Arginine | Zinc | B-complex (B1, B3, B5 & B6) | Glutathione and VitaminC

Our healthy gut drip IV treatment is a quick and effective solution to relieve stomach flu symptoms in 30 to 60 minutes. A healthy Gut IV Drip is injected directly into your bloodstream, You’ll be able to get immediate relief from symptoms without needing to use any drugs. This therapy rehydrates your body, eliminates toxins, and replenishes vitamins lost due to nausea and vomiting. Anti-nausea and antacid drugs are included in our recipe to provide immediate stomach flu treatment in the comfort of your own home.

Intense Plus Drip

Detox/Skin & Hair, Well-being, Immunity
Double dosage of The Ultimate IV Drip ingredients

The ultimate pro IV therapy helps to reverse aging damage, improve skin and hair health, support the liver, reduce oxidation and inflammation, and improve cognitive function. In short, it is the double dosage of the ultimate IV Drip.

All In One IV Drip

Detox / Skin & Hair, Well-being, Immunity
Magnesium Chloride | Glutathione (Super Antioxidant) | Vit C Vit B Complex | Vit B2 High Dosage | Trace     Minerals (Zinc, Copper, Chromium, Manganese, Selenium)

Ultimate IV drip treatment can help reverse the damage of aging, improve skin and hair health, support the liver, reduce oxidation and inflammation, and improve mental performance. Alpha-lipoic acid helps reduce oxidation, regulates blood sugar, and promotes neuron function and blood flow.

IV Drip for male

Improved Intimate Performance, Vigour, and Stamina
Arginine Taurine Blotin Glutathione Vitamin C and B complex (B), B3, B5, & B6)

According to the media, women are the only ones who consider aging and how it affects their appearance. However, this is far from the case. Men are also concerned about how they look and feel as they grow older. Therefore, a male IV drip is a good solution.
It is important to understand the benefits of treatment with IV inclusion. First is the rise in energy levels. Many patients notice an increase in energy as soon as their body becomes accustomed to the extra nutrients they now have that they did not have before.


NAD Plus

The Fountain of Youth, Age Reversal, DNA Repair, Addiction Recovery

At the cellular level, NAD treatment promotes healing. It has the power to improve brain function, increase energy, and improve overall health.
NAD IV therapy speeds up the recovery process in your brain, which means you will have fewer cravings, withdrawal symptoms, and temptation to use. NAD IV treatment, when used as part of a complete rehabilitation program, can reduce withdrawal and other side effects without the need for narcotic medications.

100% Efficient Vitamin Drip in Dubai

The Complete IV Wellness Boost For You

Can’t eat or suffer from dehydration? Intravenous therapy (IV therapy) is the fastest way to bring fluids, medicines, and other nutrients directly to the rest of the body. Our nurses are trained to provide IV infertility in our Infusion at Home service. Nurses regularly check the patient’s response to an IV appointment, and there are no travel or hospital stays to worry about. Our trained nurses ensure that patients receive appropriate IV treatment and follow up on their progress.

What is IV Drip treatment?

Intravenous therapy (IV therapy) is the provision of vitamins and minerals through the blood vessels as part of the complete treatment of various medical conditions; This allows your body to absorb 100% of the vitamins, as opposed to the 10% that can be absorbed through oral use and intramuscular administration. IV Drips are used to administer medications faster and replace lost fluids or deliver blood quickly.IV fluids hydrate you more quicker & more better than drinking water

How long does IV therapy take to finish?

The treatment takes around 45 minutes, and you’ll feel an immediate boost afterward. The result usually takes full effect after 12 – 24 hours, and they last between 8 days to 3 weeks, depending on your health and the IV nutrient mixture

How often should I get IV therapy at home?

The frequency of therapy sessions will depend on your overall health, the condition you are trying to improve, and your practitioner’s carefully managed protocol.

IV Therapy has amazing benefits of the following;

Customized IV Vitamin Therapy in Dubai

At Alhosna Health Care, we provide tailor-made IV Fluid Therapy which is performed by highly skilled and DHA approved professionals. They will evaluate your vitamin and mineral levels in your body before comes in to the IV procedure to ensure your safety and comfort.

Benefits of IV Vitamin Therapy in Dubai

  •     Holistic Health &Wellness
  •     Highlighted Beauty
  •     Boosted Athletic energy
  •     Rapid Hangover Relief.
  •     Assists in achieving bright and smooth skin.
  •     It helps to mitigate the detrimental effects of jet lag.
  •      Improves and strengthens your immune system to help you fight illnesses.
  •     Increases the body’s ability to heal and recover at a faster rate.
  •     Detoxification of the body’s toxic chemicals and pollutants.


IV therapy or intravenous therapy is a treatment that involves administering drugs, fluids, and nutrients to patients via a needle or catheter. Doctors provide IV treatment by inserting a sterile catheter or needle into the patient’s vein.

All of our vitamins have been authorized by the FDA and have undergone extensive testing. All IVs are given by a certified nurse under the supervision of a medical director.

An IV drip’s side effects are usually non-existent or extremely minimal. You may experience pain, bruising, itching, inflammation, or redness at or near the injection site, which can last anywhere from a few minutes to several days. True allergic responses, on the other hand, are exceedingly rare.

The whole procedure usually takes 30-45 minutes to end. However, there are a few forms to complete before your infusion of drip therapy.

We have a wide range of shots available, from hangover drip therapy to infusions that can help with skin and hair health.


At Medilife, our trained and skilled medical professionals will provide you with the best IV Therapy. If you’re dehydrated, you can contact our medical staff, we are at your service 24/7.

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    Vitamin IV Drip

    Use: Replenishment of essential vitamins.Benefits: Boosts immune function, enhances energy levels, and supports overall health. Popular Types: Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Glutathione infusions.


    IV Glutathione for Skin Lightening and Brightness in Dubai at home service

    Use: Powerful antioxidant treatment. Benefits: Detoxification, improved skin health, and enhanced immune function.

    Vitamin C Infusion at home

    Use: Immune system support and cancer treatment adjunct. Benefits: High-dose vitamin C for powerful antioxidant effects and immune boosting.

    Myers IV Drip

    Use: Comprehensive nutrient replenishment. Benefits: Addresses a variety of health issues including fatigue, migraines, and muscle spasms.

    Mobile IV Services


    IV Drip at Home Dubai

    Service: High-quality IV therapy delivered directly to your home.Convenience: No need to travel; our medical professionals bring the clinic to you.

    Doctor at Hotel Dubai for IV Drip Therapy

    Service: Medical consultations and treatments, including IV therapy, in the comfort of your hotel room. Benefits: Ideal for travelers and busy professionals needing immediate care.

    Health-Boosting IV Therapies

    Energy Booster IV Therapy Dubai

    Use: Instant energy boost. Ingredients: Blend of essential vitamins and minerals.


    Immunity Booster IV Drip therapy In Dubai

    Use: Strengthens the immune system. Benefits: Protection against illnesses, faster recovery times.

    Dehydration IV Drip

    Use: Rapid rehydration. Benefits: Restores fluid balance, alleviates symptoms of dehydration. Advanced IV Treatments


    IV NAD+ Drip Dubai

    Use: Cellular regeneration and anti-aging. Benefits: Improved cognitive function, enhanced physical performance.

    Vitamin D Infusion

    Use: Supports bone health and immune function. Benefits: Corrects vitamin D deficiency, promotes overall health.


    High Dose Vitamin C IV

    Use: Immune support, cancer therapy adjunct. Benefits: Potent antioxidant properties, enhances body’s natural defenses. Convenience and Accessibility


    IV Infusion Near Me: We offer widespread coverage in Dubai, ensuring you can easily access our services wherever you are.

    Home Doctor Service: Our doctors that make house calls provide a full range of medical services at your convenience.

    Mobile Vitamin IV Near Me: Our mobile service ensures you receive your vitamin infusion therapy without leaving your home or hotel.

    In conclusion, whether you need a vitamin drip in Dubai, an IV infusion for dehydration, or a comprehensive wellness check-up, our professional and dedicated medical team is here to provide you with the highest standard of care. Contact us today to book your appointment and experience the best in home and hotel medical services in Dubai.