What is STI/STD?

STI is an abbreviation for Sexually transmitted infection, passed from one person to another person through sexual contact. It could be bacteria such as ( Gardnerella vagainalis, gonorrhea, and syphilis )virus-like ( HIV and Herpes simplex ), or parasites such as ( trichomonas vaginalis ) that enters and grows in your body and cause diseases called sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Sex is not the only way to transmit this infection, there are different ways of transmission like needle injections, blood transfusion, and body fluid like saliva.
The symptoms differ from person to person and depend on the type of infection so if you have small, painful blisters around the genitals or in the mouth corner, tingling or itching around the genital, pain when peeing and if you have more than one sex partner or had unsafe sex, you have to consult an expert doctor and do the test.
The Majority of STIs is curable if discovered early so time is so important item in this.

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